Khazana Cultural Club

Khazana an Ahmedabad based Cultural Club, schedules, organizes and conducts events like musical nights, live dramatic plays and dramatic events at their owned location which is expanded vastly in southern part of the city.

“ Khazana” – The name itself indicates its meaning i.e. Treasure. Khazana aims to provide Treasure and full fun to all those people…

  1. who love to enjoy musical nights
  2. who are diehard fan and crazily fond of watching live dramas and plays.

Dramas and musical nights will prolong for around 2-3 hours each. Musical nights will be hosted by musical experts and DJs to add additional flavor to the night. Dramatic Play (Natak) will be performed by professionals and drama field masters to pour essence and create appeal to the senses of audience. It will be held on any exciting worldly subject. Drama type will extend to the range but not limited to: Suspense, Farce, Melodrama, Thriller, Romantic, Comedy, Tragicomedy, Patriotic, Tragedy etc.

No. Of Members
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