Golden Era Musical Club

Golden Era Premuim Musical Club will be provide the best of music shows as which

are never seen before. We proide platform to aspiring singers, encourage new talents to preserve the best old classics composed in the history of music industry.

The module of the club is designed in a manner not only to deliver live music but also to bring forth the forgotten and never known facts and knowledge of the ‘golden era of melodies’-the span of 1950s to 1990s in bollywood music.

Music is an integral part of Ayurveda too.

Music when used in the correct manner can heal, relax your mind, relieve stress and offer mental peace. For effective treatments by music.Depression is one of the most common and yet serious disorder affecting every age group today and one of the best ways to deal with depression is through music.

Indian Classical ragas are known for their positive therapeutic value. Playing, singing or even listening to ragas helps increases relaxation of muscles and contributes to emotional health, according to health experts

10% discount on couple membership.

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